167th Session (2015-2016)


Behold! The debates of the 167th Session of the Literary and Scientific Society! Minutes were written by Mr Rob Whitehurst HLM and debates were recorded by Mr Calvin Black HLM. All minutes are PDF files hosted on Google Drive, and the recordings are .mp3 files hosted on Archive.org. All photos are hosted on Google Drive, and all videos are hosted on our YouTube channel. I hope you enjoy!

First Semester

This House Would Legalise Marijuana

This House Believes the West Created ISIS

This House Believes Cancer Treatment is Overfunded

This House Believes Poetry is Pointless

  • 3rd Ordinary Meeting
  • Date: 15/10/2015
  • Minutes
  • Recording

This House Believes the UK Prison System has Failed

Halloween Monster Debate

This House Believes Qatar Should Forfeit the 2022 World Cup

This House Wishes Thatcher had been P.M. During WWII

This House Believes Freedom of the Press has Made Slaves of the Public

This House Would Make Gingers a Protected Species

This House Would Ban the Creation of Artificial Intelligence

This House Would Repeal the Human Rights Act, 1988

Second Semester

This House Would Withdraw Benefits from Parents who Refuse to Vaccinate

This House Would Have the Right to Bear Arms in the U.K.

This House Would Establish Trans-Only Prisons

This House Believes the Kardashians have Ruined Society As We Know It

This House Believes Corbyn Would Make A Great P.M.

This House Believes Women Impose their own Glass Ceiling

This House Would Divest from Fossil Fuels

This House Would Put God on Trial

This House Would Draw Muhammad

NI Assembly Election Debate

This House Believes Raising Children with Religion is Child Abuse