Why Should I Join The Literific?

The Literific is the only debating society at Queen’s University; we discuss current and topical events. There are a broad range of topics discussed so something should peak your interests, there are always chances to get involved and help with council and arranging events – if you so wish. Enhancing your student experience, employability, education, diversity, Degree Plus, and meeting new people.

But I can’t public speak!

In the Literific this doesn’t matter and there are plenty of people to help you improve technique, confidence or speech writing! We want you to enjoy the debate, be that as a speaker or an audience member. Points from the floor are encouraged but no one will be asked to speak if they do not want to.

I want to go to debates but I have no one to go with me!

We’re a friendly bunch! The Literific is a great way to make friends at university with people from many different disciplines, you might not otherwise have met! We aren’t all lawyers, history or politics students – there are people from many different disciplines: biochemistry, medicine, environmental planning, aerospace engineering, Irish studies… the list goes on! So, advice is to come along, try it out and start chatting to people – you’ll not regret it!

What about the social activities?

We are a very sociable society and usually sit together at various bars around the university area after every meeting (if you can’t make the debate, feel free to message one of our pages). Of course our social nights are suitable for teetotalers and we also encourage responsible drinking if members do decide to have a pint or two.

I want to join! Where do I sign up?

Sign up at Freshers’ Fair (Date to be confirmed on QUBSU website) for £3!
At any other time of year, membership is £5 and is done by contacting us through our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/QUBLiterific) or by speaking to the secretary at a debate – associate members or people from other institutions/the public should get in touch at secretary@literific.org.

Why should I pay membership?

To attend debates! As an entirely student run, not-for-profit society we are dependent on the SU grant, membership fees, fundraising and some sponsorship to fund all of our events and make The Literific what it is!

Can I see the Literific Archives?

By emailing u.mitchel@qub.ac.uk you can go to the McClay Library at QUB to discover the history of The Literific. (Access to McClay required).

Why does this unhelpful FAQ not answer my question?

If you have an unanswered question or some advice for the society please get in touch! Send an e-mail, post on our social media, come to a workshop or use your carrier owl.

What did the President Have For Breakfast this Morning?

To be discussed in Presidents Questions.


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