168th Session (2016-2017)


Behold! The debates of the 168th Session of the Literary and Scientific Society! Minutes were written by Mr Rob Whitehurst HLM and debates were recorded by Mr Chris Spratt HLM. All minutes are PDF files hosted on Google Drive, and the recordings are .mp3 files hosted on Archive.org. All photos are hosted on Google Drive, and all videos are hosted on our YouTube channel. I hope you enjoy!

First Semester

This House Would Remain in the E.U.

This House Would Hold a Second E.U. Referendum

This House Would Disaffiliate from N.U.S. / U.S.I.

This House Would Classify Transgenderism as a Psychological Disorder

This House Believes European States have a Moral Duty to Accept Refugees

This House Believes Black Lives Matter has done More Harm than Good

This House Would Ban the Burqa

  • 6th Ordinary Meeting
  • Date: 27/10/2016
  • Minutes
  • Recording

2016 Presidential Election Debate – QUB vs UU

  • 2nd Special Meeting, with Ulster University
  • Date: 03/11/2016
  • Recording
  • Photos

This House Would Scrap Trident

This House Would Bomb Hiroshima, 1945

This House Believes Chilcot’s Legacy Should Keep the West Out of the Middle East

  • 9th Ordinary Meeting
  • Date: 24/11/2016
  • Minutes
  • Recording

This House Believes 2016 is the Best Time to Be Alive

  • 10th Ordinary Meeting, and Godkin Novice Debate
  • Date: 01/12/2016
  • Minutes
  • Recording

This House Believes Capitalism Kills

  • 11th Ordinary Meeting
  • Date: 08/12/2016
  • Minutes
  • Recording

This House Would Unionise Santa’s Elves

2016 QUB IV Final: This House Supports the Advocacy of Men’s Issues Explicitly Independent of Women’s Issues

Second Semester

This House Would Allow Women Menstruation Leave Monthly

This House Supports a Post-Brexit United Ireland

  • 14th Ordinary Meeting
  • Date: 09/02/2017
  • Held in the Great Hall and was attended by 107 members
  • Minutes
  • Recording
  • Photos

This House Welcomes Stormont’s Collapse

This House Would Oppose the Marketisation of Higher Education

This House Believes Animals are Not A Commodity

This House Would Abolish Safe Spaces

This House Would Keep the NHS Free at the Point of Use

This House Would Reintroduce Capital Punishment

This House Would Abolish Grammar Schools

This House Would Introduce Supervised Injecting Centres for Drug Addicts

This House Believes all Nationalism Leads to Xenophobia

This House Believes Cultural Appropriation is Cultural Appreciation