167th Session

Autumn Term 2015/2016

This House Would Legalise Marijuana
This Would Believes The West Created ISIS
This House Believes Cancer Treatment is Overfunded
This House Believes Poetry is Pointless
This House Believes The UK Prison System has Failed
Halloween Debate – Voldemort, Dracula, Hannibal – Sh*g, Marry, Avoid
This Would Believes Qatar Should Forfeit the 2022 World Cup
This House Wishes Thatcher had been PM during WWII
This House Believes Freedom of the Press has made Slaves of the Public
This House Would Make Gingers a Protected Species
This House Would Ban the Creation of Artificial Intelligence
This House Would Repeal The Human Rights Act, 1998
This House Would Unionise Santa’s Elves

The minutes of the 167th Session were written by the Honorable Secretary Mr Robbie Whitehurst.