This House Would Ban All Forms of Animal Testing


The 3rd Ordinary Meeting of the 165th Session of the Literific took place on the 17th of October in the Senate Room. It was in conjunction with IDEA.

A vote was taken before the debate: there were 2 abstentions, 8 people for and 34 against.

Mr James McAlister, Mr Jonathan Irwin and My Joshua Wilburn came forward in proposition. Both McAlister and Wilburn explained that equality shouldn’t be reserved for humans. They questioned why it is acceptable to test on animals that are equally aware, intelligent and can feel pain. Wilburn compared animals to orphaned newborns and asked whether we should raid orphanages. Mr Irwin explained that we should be protecting animals, he told the House that the majority of animal testing doesn’t lead to medical advances and that testing is cruel.

Mr Robert Bentall, Mr Brendan Kelters and Mr Nick Millington spoke for the opposition. Robert claimed testing on animals is a necessity and that the animals involved are not in pain. He valued human life more than animal life. Mr Kelters questioned the logic of the proposition. He supported the banning of animal testing for frivolous things but that ethically it is needed for medical research. Mr Nick Millington closed the debate with admitting  that animal testing is not the best model but that there is currently no alternative as science has not yet advanced enough.

Another vote was taken, there were 3 abstentions, 8 ayes and the motion was defeated with 36 nayes and it was off to the bar!
The motion failed.


This House Believes Northern Ireland is Failing Young People


The 2nd Ordinary meeting of the Literific took place on the 10th of October in the Senate Room.

The motion was THB NI is Failing Young People.

Mr Alex Kane, Dr Graham Brownlow and Mr Sam Donaldson took to the floor in proposition of the argument: Mr. Kane declared that the government has not given children the future their parents aspired to, Brownlow told the House that NI is in not grasping economical opportunities or preparing for a future where BRICS will be the man players in trade. Mr. Donaldson concluded that NI has always had serious problems and that it is our own fault. He claimed that the future is bleak and that it is what forces him to drink 😦

Maiden speakers Alexander McCabe and Kim Campbell joined Literific veteran Jonathan Finlay in opposition. Alexander claimed there were three main areas that had to be taken into consideration: education, employment and sectarianism. Ms Campbell used the Ulster Project and the Literific as examples of opportunities available to young people and Mr Finlay concluded by stating that NI is not uniquely failing young people but, instead, all governments are doing so.

The debate then went to the floor.
The motion passed.