New Year at the Oldest Society at QUB

So 2014/2015 is beginning at Queen’s today and The Literific is back! I’m sure we don’t need to remind you all to invite your friends, freshers, postgrads etc.. to events, gatherings and to Reblog, Like and Share our events! There is no requirement to be a student at QUB as anyone can attend our events and are very welcome to! Just a small one-off membership fee of £5 and you are good to go. (Associate membership fee may apply, QUB students during Freshers’ Fair is £3)

First up was the Freshers’ Debate on the 25th Sept – This House Would Get Naked
THIS WEEK 2nd Oct – This House Would Impose Sanctions on Israel 
9th October This House Would Boycott Seaworld

If you would like to speak at any of these events or any future ones please do get in touch, message us or email
Term CardReminders.
Look out for us at Freshers Fair on the 3rd October at QUBSU
Closing Date for Irish Times Debate is Friday 3rd October.


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