169th Council Elected!

After quite possibly the longest (and craziest) AGM in Literific history taking place on the 3rd of April, the council for the 169th session has been elected! A huge thank you to everyone that voted; we are now well prepared for the year to come 🙂

President: Calvin Black
Secretary: Peter Beck
Treasurer: John McAleenan
Internal Convenor: Peter Dunn
External Convenor: Hugh Dobbin
Outreach Officer: Lauren O’Neill
Training Officer: Lili Vetter
Social Officer: Conn Ó Néill

The new Technology Officer shall be selected and ratified by the first ordinary meeting of the Society after the Easter break.

Congratulations to all those who won and commiserations to all those who lost. We hope everyone joins us for the meetings and events of the 169th session!


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