Literific Trust

At the Annual General Meeting for the 164th Session, members of the Literific ratified a constitutional amendment that created an advisory body for the society. We are very pleased that shortly afterwards six upstanding members of the Belfast community accepted positions to the newly formed Literific Trust.

Those trustees are as follows:

  • Professor Tony Gallagher, QUB Pro-Vice Chancellor
  • Conor Houston LL.M, Former IPLS Debater and Irish Times Runner-Up
  • Hon. Mr Justice Bernard McCloskey, QUB Judge-In-Residence
  • Anna Lo MBE, Alliance Party NI
  • Paul Shannon LL.M, Literific President Emeritus
  • Victoria Coggan, Business Analyst, previous Literific Council Member

The Trust will act as an advisory board for the Literific’s Council and will meet at least once a year to ensure the society is running smoothly and to lend their advice.


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