Halloween Debate – Monster Battle

The 5th less than ordinary meeting of the 166th session of the literific took place on the 30th of October in the Senate room and was attended by 40 members.

Ms Naomh Gibson heard presidents questions from Sophie Stratfull, Maggie Petkova, Marie-Louise Synott and Brenden Kelters before opening our hot air balloon monster battle.

Jason, or, hockey mask pimp guy stated his case for being voted best ‘monster’. He told the house that a vote for the murderer was a vote for the future. With a bucket load of puns thrown in for good measure, hockey mask pimp guy concluded that his murders were simply an effort to combat over population.

Mankind, cleverly disguised as zombie Robbie threw some killer moves and philosophised that there was surely no greater monster than man. He then invited Mr Kelters to make his point as long as possible.

Cyclops (James) drunkenly threatened the house and talked at length about a jet fighter or something.

Sully (also known as Sophie Stratfull) tried to argue that he was terrifying, but was so darn cute that the secretary demanded a cuddle and it was awesome.

The debate then moved to the floor where questions were heard from Nero, Corporate wanker no.1, Paisley, Literificat, Little Red Riding Hood, Corporate wanker no.2, Buckfast monk, Amy Winehouse, Bernard Black, Ceasar, Love Hate, and someone who looked a lot like Kelters but wasn’t Kelters (it was Kelters).

The house then went to a vote and Mankind cleverly disguised as Robbie was voted the best monster with 17 votes against Jason hockey mask pimp guy with 5, Cyclops with 3 and Sully with 7.

Disclaimer: To anyone reading these minutes in the future, the secretary was not tripping balls, it was just our annual halloween debate.


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