This House Believes Too Many People Go to University (Godkin Debate)

The 8th meeting of the 165th Session of the Literific took place on the 21st of November in the Senate Room.

There were like three people chairing it which was sort of confusing. In Private Members Business Nick Millington announced his plans to create the Shame Resign Democracy Machine which will revolutionise our voting system.

Despite what President Kydd says, it was in fact our 3rd annual Godkin Debate and not our 165th. The motion was This House Believes Too Many People Go to University.

Emma Chadwick opened the debate. She said that we need to get rid of the stigma associated with not getting a university degree as university is not the right type of education for everyone. She argued that encouraging everyone to go to university would be bad for those not suited to it, those that are and for the economy which we are currently seeing.

Ben Murphy spoke opposing the motion claiming that Nick Clegg is something I won’t repeat. He agreed that we needed to stop separating ourselves into groups of those that have and haven’t gone to university. He claimed that universities should change to suit everyone but as it stands it doesn’t allow a lot of people to go.

Connor Hogan began by comparing education to a sexually transmitted disease. He went on to say that university has become less about education and has become more aimed at getting jobs. He claimed that university degrees are becoming worthless and that they are not required for economic growth.

Aaron Toleman had lots of stats in his speech which somehow translated as hatred for Adam. He said that you are more likely to get a job if you have a degree than if not and that there is a causation between going to university and having a healthy diet, exercising and not smoking. Considering the only time I’ve been in a gym is for an exam I personally question this.

Aisha Sobey continued for the proposition claiming her side was superior to the opposition. She told the House that university shouldn’t be a social expectation and that life skills are heard in the work place, not in lecture theatres. She argued that a degree is not needed for all jobs and that everyone can’t be at the top of their field.

Harry Adair closd the debate by saying an educated population is the best and needed for the development of society. He explained that the only reason we have an established academic nature is because university is open to all and it should remain so. He questioned if we should really demand a reduction in students.

The debate then went to the floor. Questions were heard from Nathan Cantley, Nick Millington, James McAlister, Jack Thompson, Alex Philpot, Ingrid Sloan and Brendan Kelters. There was much sass, I thought a fight was going to break out.

We went to a vote and the motion passed. Paul Shannon, our eternal leader, then went through everyones speeches and took like, forever to announce the winner who was…..Connor Hogan :D.


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