This House Believes Northern Ireland is Failing Young People

The 2nd Ordinary meeting of the Literific took place on the 10th of October 2013 in the Senate Room. It was attended by, I’m gunna go with 67 members.

President Kydd had a few announcements which he’ll probably mention again today so…yeah.

In Private Members Business the House offered their sympathies to Ms Jennifer McCann who was not able to attend.

Mr Stephen Goss made the House painfully aware of the lack of academic robes in the University and thus a motion was passed to write a letter demanding swift action on the matter-if all goes to plan all Queen’s students will be wearing gowns by the year 2123.

Mr Andrew Carruthers sassed this in President’s Question Time bein all what choo think about wearing robes. What do you think man? They rock.

The motion was THB NI is Failing Young People.

Mr Alex Kane opened the debate arguing that NI has failed his daughter as this is not the future he had anticipated for her. He explained that young people have no interest in politics because it has done nothing for them. He told the House that NI has only ever talked of change but no steps have been taken.

Alexander Mccabe made his maiden speech for the society speaking for the opposition. He claimed that there were three main areas that had to be taken into consideration which were education which NI is the best in in the UK, employment which we show great potential in, and sectarianism which has seen a lot of progress.

I’m going to take a brief pause to say that Adam broke the bell. The bell guys. He’s a mess.

Dr Graham Brownlow then continued the argument for the proposition. He looked at the motion from an economical point of view, telling the House that NI is in not grasping economical opportunities or preparing for a future where Brazil, Russia, China and Japan will be the man players in trade.

Ms Kim Campbell, also a maiden speaker for the opposition, commented on the ways NI is not failing young people. She used the Ulster Project and the Literific as examples of opportunities available to young people, It was beautiful, Adam cried. She also talked about the links between young people and politics and the bridges being built between communities.

Mr Sam Donaldson told the House that NI has always had serious problems and that it is our own fault. He explained that NI has no real thoughts but instead copies policies from other countries. He questioned the ambition of NI and the reluctance to have serious conversations in politics. He claimed that the future is bleak and that it is what forces him to drink 😦

Mr Jonny Finlay, set with two hours’ worth of preparation wrapped up the debate. He argued that the Belfast Agreement was an example of NI serving young people and that there is an agreement for a shared future that we are doing our best to fight for. He explained that NI is not uniquely failing young people but that instead all governments are doing so.

The debate then went to the floor. Questions were heard from Mr Kelters, Ms Coggan, Mr McCrudden, Ms Kontorravdis, Ms Philpot and Mr McAlister.

Mr Donaldson and Mr McCabe summarised for their sides, Mr Donaldson doing so through a totally pimpin ‘poem’. The motion went to a vote and passed. Hawkward.


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