This House Would Make a Sex Tape

The 11th Ordinary Meeting of the 165th session of the Literific took place on the 12th of December in the Senate Room.  President Kydd had a few announcements and the House seemed excited to not have to listen to my Minutes. In Private Members Business, President Kydd put forward an amendment to the laws of the society so that it would now include a new council position entitled Outreach Officer. The amendment passed and we went to a vote to elect a member to the position. Both Calvin Black and Andrew Carruthers were nominated. After a surprisingly short vote, Mr Carruthers was elected (congratulations!).

And that brings us the actual debate which was This House Would Make a Sex Tape, also known as a tasteful yet traumatic event for all. Before the debate began, Dr Stephen Goss and President Kydd set the scene with the help of Mr Carruthers.

Dr Goss, slightly dishevelled from this, opened the debate. He spoke of the dismal quality of current films of the adult persuasion and reasoned that the talented, I believe his exact words were ‘saucy specimens of desire’, also known as our members, could create something or a far higher calibre.

Mr Jonny Finlay argued that we simply did not have the correct skill set to create a piece of work worthy of being shown to the public, that we could not get the correct lighting or sound. He questioned the artistic flair behind it and whether it would reflect the Literific.

Mr Ben Murphy continued for the proposition, accompanied by a melody on his laptop. He told the House that it was their democratic right to make adult home videos. He explained that it might be an investment for the society and an opportunity to raise money.

Ms Emily Walker argued why it may be a bad idea. She gave the House three reasons why a person would be possessed to make a tape of questionable nature and then broke them all down through seemingly logical reasoning.

Ms Marie-Louise Synnott countered this reasoning. She explained how well equipped the society would be if it chose to go with the motion as she had many contacts that could help make a high quality product. Ultimately she said that it is a person’s decision and to do what you want.

Mr Ciaran Gallagher closed the debate, regretting his involvement almost instantly. He commented on the unkind things viewers would say about the actor’s physic and how it would be a horrible experience for those that are self-conscious. He also said that there is never any guarantee of secrecy, that once it’s made you can’t guarantee that it won’t be leaked.

The debate then went to the Floor. Questions were heard from Mr Kelters, Mr Millington, Mr Hogan and Mr Carruthers. The motion went to a vote and was surprisingly defeated.

Can I please take the minutes as read?


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