168th Council Elected!

After a great AGM on the 15th of March, the council for the 168th session has been elected! Thanks for everyone that voted, we are set for a great year ahead 🙂

President: Ben Murphy
Secretary: Robbie Whitehurst
Treasurer: Jeremy Mueller
Internal Convenor: Lili Vetter
External Convenor: Andrew Hanoman
Outreach Officer: Andrew Dillon
Open Representative: Craig Miller
Second-Year Representative: Peter Dunn
First-Year Rep: TBC in October

And Chris Spratt was ratified by the House to be the first ever official Technology Officer!

Congratulations to all those who won and commiserations to all those who lost. We hope everyone joins us for the meetings and events of the 168th session!


The Literific are hosting the inaugural Intervarsity debating competition on the 27th-28th of February 2016. More details to follow so please keep an eye on our website and Facebook for details.

If you would like more information, or to register interest please contact the competition convenor Ben at external@literific,org

Kindly sponsored by the Queen’s Alumni Fund.