Literificans at Stormont Mixer

Almost 40 members of the Literific had the opportunity to visit Stormont on the 22 of October.

After watching a short debate at the Assembly, John McCallister MLA gave Literificans a historical tour of the Parliament. Afterwards, debaters and MLAs came together to consider the motion “This House Believes More MLAs Should Resign”.

The evening was at times silly, deeply serious, and sometimes a bit absurd — a great time was had by all. We would like to thank our guest MLAs — Phil Flanagan, Anna Lo, John McCallister, and Basil McCrea (Literific Trustee) — for their support.

Photos from the event can be seen at our Facebook page.

Our social events are once a month, every month. Email if you want to know more about our Pub Quiz in November. We’ll hopefully see you there!

(For those who are wondering, the proposition [Anna Lo MLA, Phil Flanagan MLA, and Andrew Carruthers] prevailed over the opposition [Conor Conneally, Adam Kydd, and Basil McCrea MLA] in the motion This House Believes More MLAs Should Resign. Considering what happened after our blood ban debate, same-sex marriage debate, and 1967 Abortion Act debate, Stormont should take note! 😉 )


First Smashing Debate

The first debate of the semester was a smashing success! Thank you to all who came along — freshers, post-grad students, former members, new members, people from all across Queen’s and Belfast. We were left with standing room only and saw many people participating in the debate with interventions, points from the floor, and incisive questions.

After excellent speeches from Emily Walker, Ciaran Gallagher, Andrew Carruthers (proposition) and Marie-Louise Synnott, Naomh Gibson, Tyler McNally (opposition), members of the house marginally voted to NOT legalise brothels.

Make sure to come to next week’s debate entitled “This House Believes Northern Ireland is Failing Young People” — 7 pm in the Senate Room.

The Literific Featured in Belfast Telegraph

Today the Literary & Scientific Society was featured in the “People” section of the Belfast Telegraph. In in, Julia Andrade Rocha, Internal Convenor, and Marie-Louise Synnott, Treasurer, discussed the benefits of the Literific to their time as students at Queen’s. Several members of the Literific were featured in a photo from this past year’s formal, the Converzasione.

What has been the best part of being involved in the Literific for you? Read the article below and let us know what you’re looking forward to next year!

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