This House Would Welcome a Bionic Humanity



The 18th Ordinary Meeting of the 165th session of the Literific took place on the 13th of March in the Senate Room.

Jonny Finlay, Oran Kennedy and Paddy Mallon spoke in favour of bionic humanity. Finlay opened the debate saying that we already have bionic humanity. He argued it was good for advancing humanity and that in this way it is a part of natural evolution. Kennedy said that on a level the input of film, literature and video games has made us realise how wonderful bionic humanity can be. He said that if the technology exists to help a person we cannot deny them it and that ultimately it allows humanity to progress. Mallon determined by welcoming bionic humanity people could have a second chance at work and life but that it was also sheer awesome.

Calvin Black, Owen Wright and Nick Millington all opposed the motion! Black mentioned the increase in selling limbs and being attacked and also how much easier it would be to kill someone if you had guns in your limbs (hence shooting President Kydd, which he did, with a toy gun). Wright warned the House of the dangers of bionic humanity and determined that it would reinforce the divide between classes as the rich would have it first and do we really want a robotic Donald Trump? Millington said bionic humanity was a concern and that currently we are limited by our technology but that we will advance rapidly in the coming years

The debate then went to the floor. We went to a vote and the motion passed.


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