New Year at the Oldest Society at QUB

So 2014/2015 is beginning at Queen’s today and The Literific is back! I’m sure we don’t need to remind you all to invite your friends, freshers, postgrads etc.. to events, gatherings and to Reblog, Like and Share our events! There is no requirement to be a student at QUB as anyone can attend our events and are very welcome to! Just a small one-off membership fee of £5 and you are good to go. (Associate membership fee may apply, QUB students during Freshers’ Fair is £3)

First up was the Freshers’ Debate on the 25th Sept – This House Would Get Naked
THIS WEEK 2nd Oct – This House Would Impose Sanctions on Israel 
9th October This House Would Boycott Seaworld

If you would like to speak at any of these events or any future ones please do get in touch, message us or email
Term CardReminders.
Look out for us at Freshers Fair on the 3rd October at QUBSU
Closing Date for Irish Times Debate is Friday 3rd October.

Term Card: Autumn Semester 2014

So while everyone has been swanning off for summer The Literific council and a few keen members have been busy deciding the motions for the upcoming QUB term – Autumn 2014.

We, at The Literific, hope you have an amazing summer whether you’re snorkeling in Bangkok, off to Washington-Ireland or chilling in front of the massive television at city hall enjoy yourself and make the most of it! We look forward to seeing you again in September 🙂

Meanwhile, we will be posting some updates on this site, Twitter and Facebook!
Watch this space for the term card…

This House Would Clone Extinct Species


The 23rd Ordinary Meeting of the Literary and Scientific Society took place on the 8th of May in the Senate Room.

Viorel Vlad, Owen Wright and Beth Malcolmson stood in proposition of cloning extinct species. Vlad stated that many aspects of biology being researched are linked and come together and we won’t know how much we can achieve until we do something. Owen continued by stating that by cloning extinct species we would rectify some of humanities mistakes. By increasing biodiversity we could be lead to medical cures. Malcolmson stated that the fact it is possible is reason enough to clone and that it is a process that will constantly improve. She said it was our responsibility to bring back species but that it should be a heavily regulated process.

Nic Brinza, Nick Millington and Derek Crosby spoke for opposition. Brinza admitted that in the past he got caught up in the awesome prospect of having pet dinosaur but that this just showed our susceptibility to only seeing the good but ignoring the dangers. Millington told the House that all cloning extinct species would do was to perfect the technique, but that our environment would gain nothing by bringing a species back. Crosby’s closing remarks focused on cloning angering God and that’s why he hit dinosaurs with a giant rock and some stuff about humans being a hardcore species covered in the hide of others.

The debate then went to the floor, a vote and the motion passed.