166th Session

Autumn Term 2014/2015

This House Would Get Naked
This House Would Impose Sanctions on Israel
This House Would Boycott SeaWorld
This House Would Create an EU Army
This House Believes Queen’s University Should Adopt University of Ulster
Halloween Balloon Debate: Monster Battle
This House Would Stop QUBSU Having Referenda
This House Would Declare War on Germany 1914
This House Believes Sex Education is a Parent’s Responsibility
This House Would Make Organ Donation Compulsory
This House Believes Abortion is the Man’s Choice Too
This House Would Check its Privilege
This House Would Privatise the NHS

Spring Term 2014/2015

This House Believes LGBT+ Ignores the T
This House Believes Robin Hood Had the Right Idea
This House Would Tinder
This House Would Fund Self-Inflicted Conditions
This House Believes Professor Umbridge was just Doing her Job
This House Believes Segregated Education has Failed
This House Believes Our Planet is Beyond Saving
This House Would Only Give to the Developing World
This House Would Curb China’s Enthusiasm
The Annual Dufferin Competition – This House Would Legalise Prostitution
General Election Debate
This House Would Make Northern Ireland a Registered Charity

The minutes of the 166th Session were written by the Honorable Secretary Ms Alexandra Philpot


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