This House Would Prepare for the Apocalypse

apacolypseThe 5th Ordinary Meeting of the 165th Session of the Literific took place on the 31st of October in the Senate Room. It was Halloween night, everyone was dressed up in…weird costumes. A banana, Thatcher, Freddie Mercury’s nipples…

Ms Christine Fleming, Tara Pouryahya and Matthew Allen were up for proposition! Ms Fleming urged the House that if you don’t prepare you deserve to die horribly in the apocalypse. We are apparently skipping second prop. and finally we think Mr Allen looked at the motion from a religious and anthropological view, and also from the view of wanting the apocalypse to happen. There were a lot of big words and quotes.

Mr Fionn Rodgers, Mr Harry Adair and Mr Nick Millington wet for opposition. Rodgers said that there was no point preparing for the apocalypse because if it is going to happen then we’re all going to die. Cheery. Mr Adair believed in giving rights to zombies and not discriminating against them. Mr Nick Millington basically said that either it would be so bad that we’d have no chance of survival or someone would save us so not to worry. Yeah… no worries.

The debate then went to the floor

The House then went to a vote to shouts of ‘shameresign’ and ‘show us the nibbles’.
The motion was defeated.


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