165th Session

Autumn Term 2013/2014

This House Believes Humanitarian Aid Does More Harm Than Good
This Would Legalise Brothels
This House Believes NI is Failing Young People
This House Would Ban Animal Testing
This House Doesn’t Mind Being Watched
Stormont Debate with MLAs
This Would Prepare for the Apocalypse
This House Would Ban Designer Babies
This House Believes the US is so 20th Century
This House Believes Too Many People Go to University
This House Believes Science Has Damned Us All
This House Believes We Will See the End of AIDs
This House Would Make a Sex Tape
This House Would Make a Sex Tape – Minutes as Intended
This House Would Have a New Northern Irish Flag

Spring Term 2013/2014

This House Supports Drone Warfare
This House Would Raise Gender Neutral Children
Cross-Border Debate Hosted With Irish Association: This House Believes Immigration Will Put an End to Sectarianism
This House Believes There Is a God
The Literific Alpha Newspaper Group School’s Debating Competition
This House Would Make a Musical
This House Believes Internment was a Necessary Evil
This House Welcomes Bionic Humanity
This House Supports the Right to Die
This House Would Frack in Northern Ireland
The Comedy Debate – This House Would be a Student.
This House Would Colonise the Moon (Dufferin Debate in BP style)
This House Would Clone Extinct Species
This House Believes Scotland Should Be An Independent Country

The minutes of the 165th Session were written by the Honorable Secretary Ms Tara Pouryahya.


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