This House Believes There is a God

The 15th Ordinary Meeting of the 165th Session of the Literific took place on the 20th of February in the Senate Room.

Jess Liningstone, David Cather and Professor David Glass supported the motion. Livingstone explained that in a situation where you can’t determine if or if not a God exists, it comes down to faith to make you decide. Cather determined that the world is far too finely balanced to not have something intervene. Prof. Glass concluded by telling the House that the universe would make more sense if a god did exist. He said that without religion and belief, many scientists would not have discovered what we have today as they wouldn’t have gone looking for God.

Ciaran Gallagher, Nick Millington and Paddy Mallon. C’p’n Gallagher focused on not offending people and accepted that it is a personal issue but that there is insufficient evidence to prove a god’s existence. Mr Millington said it was important for the House to understand his bias as an atheist and so while you can’t say there is a god or that there isn’t, you also can’t say there’s a mystical teapot floating about the universe. Mallon decided to pull a ‘Jonny Gallagher’ as it is so called within the Society (See 1967 Abortion Act Minutes) and said he didn’t believe there was ‘a’ God, but instead a load of them. Batman, something Irish Mythology reduces gods to fairies, to pixies.

We then went to the Floor. Both sides summarised, sand the motion then went to a vote and was defeated with 10 abstentions, 18 ayes and 26 nays.


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